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British Columbia
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British Columbia: Trials and Tribulations

The main problem with going on a major adventure alone is that it's so easy to back out. I almost did. But fortunately I had invested too much in time and money to allow myself that luxury. But after a couple of weeks I was tempted again, it seemed like it was going to be harder than I expected....

The British Columbia Adventure

Prologue This covers the related events a month before my departure time. Experimenting with the new bike, training, planning, etc...
D-Day After all the delays, this is it. No turning back now.
Day 2: To The Mainland The first complications begin to show up.
Day 3: First Disaster My seat breaks off while riding on the highway. On a recumbent, this is a bad thing.
Day 4-8: Layover Repairs are made, updates are sent,
Day 9: Beyond Hope Or: Of Route Choices and Black Bears.
Day 10: The Virtues of Baby Powder Uh.... never mind...

Day 11-12: Knee Problems My knee problem gets worse. It would be easy to quit
Day 13: Mugged By A Highwayman Metaphorically speaking, of course.
Day 14: An Unbelievable Day I never expected to meet anyone else...
Day 15: In The Scooby Doo Ghost Campground A great riding day, with a great evening in a spooky campground.

Day 16: Conquoring Rogers Pass They said it could not be tackled by mortal man... okay, I exagerate, but we meet more bikers!
Day 17: Laundry Day More companions, and a decent shopping day
Day 18: Lugging It To Lake Louise A fun ride, when our group was at its height. Like the mountains, it's downhill from here for the posse. Technically Albera.

Onward Into The Prairies...