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Wyatt thinks he doesn't need a tent (snicker)

July 12- Day 66

Can you believe I've been off the trip for two whole weeks???

We finally left! Wyatt gave a cruel joke by calling to say he'd be delayed a week, then told me he was actually downtown.

Time spent cycling: 4:08:46 hours

Distance traveled: 72.38 km

Total distance: 4059 km

Average Speed: 17.4 kph

Maximum speed: 55.1 kph

Current Location: not too far from Port Hope, by the lake.

We didn't actually leave until 3 or 4... after picking up a few things from a few stores. We at first headed for Highway 4, only to find out that we missed it several miles ago and had to go back all the way (on a different road), then after taking the number 4 for a while decided to take the number 2 instead to Kingston and then north to Ottawa. It's an easier ride and Wyatt needs the chance to build his muscles. By the end of the day (which didn't end until after 9pm).

It was weird to take the same route I took on the Halifax trip, and even recognized a place I had taken a rest on my very first day. Soon, however, we diverged from highway 2 to follow the lake for a while. When we get to Port Hope we'll rejoin highway 2 again.

We stopped behind a farm which lead right to the lake. Wide open spaces, forest nearby, the lake shore down a steep embankment. It was perfect, and Wyatt was like a kid checking everything out. We made a fire and listened to The Invisible Man on tape. The mosquitos were pretty fierce, but we got through it all right.

So, we really didn't get too far. Half the time was spent on wrong routes or later changing of routes. It's 11:30 now, and we're going to bed. Too bad there isn't more to write about, other than Wyatt's quest for Iced Cappuccino. But tomorrow is another day. The important thing is, I'm back on the road, and this time, I'm not alone.

Onto Day 67...