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August 2 - Day 87

It seems to have stopped raining. I was so warm last night that I didn't even use the sleeping bag. Though towards morning I wished I had put on my sweater at least (doh!), and perhaps my thicker pair of socks. Aside from that, I was fine.

So the plan for today is reaching Trois-Riviers (or close to it since I won't be camping in the city). That's about it. The next day I'll pass through Quebec City, pick up a map for the Maritimes, and continue onward. At Riviere de Loup I'll start towards New Brunswick, and my second assault of the Appellations in three years. I wonder if this route will be easier or harder than the Kangamengus Pass? From there it's simple, hop onto P.E.I., hop back and scoot to Sydney, Nova Scotia where I hop the ferry to Newfoundland. Sounds quick, doesn't it? I'll be done in no time!

I'm going to regret saying that.

Turns out the guy I did the interview with isn't back until Friday. Dang. Well, I might still use his answers anyways. Maybe I'll ask the remaining questions to someone else of a similar demographic?

Time spent cycling: 6:42:09 hours

Distance traveled: 168.27 km

Total distance: 4786 km

Average Speed: 25.1 kph

Maximum speed: 53.4 kph

Current Location: backyard of nice lady between Point-du-lac and Trois Riviers

I made a slightly greater distance than two days ago , and in an hour and fifteen minutes less time. How? Tailwinds! At last a day with half decent tail winds, the weather system has worked to my advantage.

I definitely got dehydrated today, or else I wasn't eating enough, or the heat and humidity is getting to me, or a combination of the above, because at one point I nearly passed out with a sudden onset of fatigue.

The day started off pretty slowly, I didn't start making real time and distance until after Repentigny, which is where I had to change highways. Up to that point I had made far too many stops checking and double checking my route, which slowed me down. Afer Repentigny, however, things started to speed up.

I stopped just in the nick of time! Half an hour later a thunderstorm erupted, right while I am writing this entry! And it is one HELL of a downpour!

Anyways, back to the events.

I tried out two different types of chocolate milk, not bad, but they're no Reid's. I should be cutting down on that kind of thing, however, since I can't really afford it.

The 138 (road I took from Repentigny onward) is a bit longer than the major highway. I was tempted to take the main highway part of the way, but no bikes are allowed on it.

The event I mentioned earlier, nearly passing out, happened at Louisville. I was in a church trying to find a priest to interview and on the way out found myself stumbling and tripping (more than usual) and almost collapsed. A liter of water and a few granola snacks later and I was in okay shape.

When I finally got to the final leg before Trois Riviers, I decided to stop, but I was also tempted to press onwards, see if I could break 200K again. As you can tell from the thunderstorm report above, I made the right call.

The place I stopped at is right next to the river, and is of an unusual architecture. I think it was considered "futuristic" in the late 70s. I like it quite a bit. There is an old woman who lives here, and her daughter and grandchildren are over for a visit. I set my tent up in their "garage" (they have a real garage, but also one that is outside, just an aluminum framework covered by a tarp), this way even if it pours all night, my tent and gear will be dry for tomorrow. Heh heh heh.

So, tomorrow it is on to Quebec City. Actually I just checked the map, it doesn't look like there is a bridge from Quebec itself, just on the outside of it, St. Foy. Rats.

As quickly as the rain came, it left. However, dark clouds are on the horizon. I expect more before the night is over.

Man there are tons of frogs here, and I don't mean Frenchmen. This place has a bunch of tiny green frog hopping all over the place. At least it's a sign the environment is reasonably healthy. The family here was nice enough to cook my macaroni for me, but accidentally almost wrecked it. No big deal, as I am not a picky eater.

Onto Day 88...