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Noah Joseph Davidson Chinn


Freelance Assistant
Mossfoot Editing. : London, England: Feb. 2005 Present

Currently working as a freelance general assistant. General duties include clerical work and website maintenance both from home and office. Clients currently include Webwanderer (website maintenance, editing, news reporting and theatre reviews for and Lawrence Somerset Limited (presentation preparation and general clerical duties).

Contact: Noah Chinn,

English Teacher
Berlitz Japan Inc. : Shinjuku, Tokyo: Sept. 2001 - Sept. 2004

Berlitz is one of Japan's most recognized and respected English language schools, attracting a wide variety of clientele. Duties include instructing students ranging from Beginner to Advanced in areas of Conversational or Business English.

Contact: Ashley Grainger,

Freelance Writer
Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine: Online, anywhere: 2002-Present

"Knights of the Dinner Table" is a gaming magazine, focusing on Role Playing Games. I write articles on a monthly or bi-monthly basis on a variety of topics, from game reviews to tips for players.

Contact: Jolly Blackburn,

Fuzzy Knights: Online, anywhere: 2002-Present

"Fuzzy Knights" is a comic strip that uses digital photography enhanced with Photoshop special effects. It is published twice a week online, monthly in KODT magazine, and yearly in its own trade paperback

Contact: Dan Zwerg,

Freelance Travel Writer
The Globe and Mail: Across Canada: Aug-Sept 2000

As part of a bicycle odyssey across Canada, I wrote a four-part series of travel articles for the Globe and Mail. These covered British Columbia, the Prairies, Quebec, and the Maritimes. I also conducted dozens of interviews across the country which were not included in the articles.

Contact: Douglas McArthur,

Assistant Editor Online, anywhere: 1997-2001

Inkspot was an award winning website for writers that received over a half million visits per month, with a bi-weekly newsletter that had over fifty thousand subscribers. Duties included customer relations, answering questions, updating dead links, contacting editors and publishers and forwarding mail. Compiled results of several surveys conducted, and helped develop survey reports for publication.

Contact: Debbie Ridpath Ohi,

The Angus Reid Group (now Ipsos-Reid): Vancouver, B.C.: 1999-2000

Ipsos-Reid conducts surveys both for market research and political analysis. Duties included calling people across Canada to conduct both practical surveys and market research. This job required good interpersonal skills and patience, accurate recording of information and prompting subjects to clarify answers when necessary. It also provided practical knowledge of survey structure and interviewing techniques with both cooperative and uncooperative individuals, as well as those with language difficulties.



Bachelor of Arts, English Graduated 1998
York University Toronto, Ontario


Desktop Publishing Skills, Graphics Editing, Can Type 70 WPM
Complete home office and multimedia setup, scanner, webcam, etc...
Some website development and HTML experience

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Complete portfolio available upon request.

Globe and Mail: 8/12/00

Globe and Mail: 9/9/00

Globe and Mail: 9/23/00

Globe and Mail: 9/30/00

Vancouver Province: 4/25/02

Knights of the Dinner Table: Issue 69: 7/02

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Knights of the Dinner Table: Issue 71: 9/02

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