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Across Canada In 102 (or 103) Days
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How The Journey Grew
In part, you can thank my dad. Having a father who is a helicopter pilot, who has travelled the world, and who has had more adventure in real life than many actors do in a trilogy of movies, tends to be an influence on you.

You can also thank Role Playing Games for adding kindling to the fire. After playing so many adventures with my friends, it made me want to have real life adventures even more.

Terry Fox was also an inspiration, even though I'm not handicapped. The idea of trying to cross the country under your own power intrigued me. Besides, for a kid (I was around 8 at the time), it seemed like the only possible way that I was going to see the country, since it would be another ten years before I could get my licence. Come to think of it, I STILL don't have my licence...

During High School, I wanted to take some kind of bike adventure, for two weeks or a month, during summer vacation. I had thought about going from Oshawa to James Bay, only it turned out that there were no viable roads to get there by (at least, none that I could find). The idea lay dormant.

After my second year of university, when my girlfriend broke up with me, I needed to do something, and decided to go to Halifax. Though it was difficult, I proved to myself that I could do it again if I wanted to, but next time I'd make some changes....
Viaticus Rex
The main difference between this bike trip and the last (besides distance) was my choice of transportation. Having learned my lessons going to Halifax, I decided to find the best kind of bike possible. Note I don't say the best bike, for that would be too expensive, but I knew there were better designs out there, and wanted to find one that worked better than the traditional "diamond" frame.

Enter the Recumbent (or "bent" bike to some). This style of bike is far more comfortable, having a wide seat and a backing you can really lean into, and much faster than your standard bike, being truly aerodynamic in design. You'll find out more about this bike in the journal.

The Road Goes Ever On And On...
This was a long journey, and was extensively recorded. In fact, I have over twenty four hours of audio tape I recorded along the way, interviewing people from coast to coast about what they think Canada will be like fifty years from now. Thankfully, I won't be posting those here, though I would like to include some sound clips in the future.

Mossfoot came along with me on this adventure, and I took a number of pictures of him across the country as well. Eventually I will make a separate section detailing his side of the adventure, which will be linked to his personal web page.

The road goes ever ever on
down from the door where it began
now far away the road has gone
and I must follow, if I can
Pursuing it with eager feet
until it finds some larger way
where many paths and errands meet
and wither then? I cannot say.
-JRR Tolkien
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