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New Brunswick
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August 8 - Day 93

I left a note on their door and left quietly. I didn't stop for breakfast, but instead chose to eat a granola bar or two on the road. My rear tire is worrying the heck out of me, I'm certain the sidewall is breaking again! I've deflated it to its recommended pressure, and have decided to get to a bike repair shop ASAP.

The nearest one, however was in Woodstock (no rock concerts and no Snoopy). However, they were unable to do anything about it. My tire is actually dented INWARD. Shades of Halifax all over again...

However two good things came out of this delay. I interviewed a radio host from a local station (the station had two gold albums from April Wine, one of which thanked the station for making their success possible. I tried very hard not to laugh). The interview was brief, but I was glad to have done it, now if only I could get a journalist...

The other good thing was I found the second best chocolate milk in Canada, next to Reids. It's from Northumberlanad Dairies. I shouldn't have drank as much as I did, concidering the money situation, but I had to try.

After Woodstock I was on the #2 highway again, with all its ups and downs. It was unavoidable concidering I would have to back track several kilometers to the previous bridge if I wanted back on the 105. So instead I pressed on until the bridge at Pokiok, which leads to Nackawic.

I was debating whether I should stay at the provincial park at Mackaquc (west of Frederickton) or not, but given my delays, it would seem best. Besides, I can email everyone from there. When I pass through Fredericton, I think I might stop to get another tire. No point in not being prepared under the circumstances. I wonder how much a new rim would cost?

Time spent cycling: 5:31:17 hours

Distance traveled: 118.79 km

Total distance: 5404 km

Average Speed: 21.5 kph

Maximum speed: 66.6 kph

Current Location: house about 10k shy of the park in Mackaquc.

I can't believe it. MY TIRE BLEW OUT AGAIN!!!!

(fill a LONG list of expletives here)

It happened about 10k from the park, about 30-40 from Fredericton. At first I thought this was the payback for all the good luck I've been having lately. But, when I asked the people in a nearby house if anyone was heading to Fredericton (there was a lot of cars outside so I assumed some kind of family gathering), they not only let me stay, but stay in the basement for the night, have dinner, and use their phone line to access the internet with! Plus, they are heading into Fredericton tomorrow, so I'll be able to fix the tire again. My luck holds out still.

You realize, of course, this means the ferry to Newfoundland will sink.

Despite the extra cost I'm sure to incur, it is probably in my best interest to get a whole new rim for the bike. I'll have to check the prices and see. After all, this tire only blew after less than a WEEK from the last. That is not normal.

Oh my God, I am stuffed! It's not a family meeting, it's a lady's gathering and Potluck. There was an endless supply of dozens of dishes, and the deserts, c'est manifique!

The sun is shining, birds are singing, and the view off this porch is nothing short of fantastic. Did I accidentally save a bunch of people from certain death? Or is it that I'm supposed to simply make sure this generosity is passed onto others who need it? As I've said before, I don't feel like I deserve it. Right now I'm inside, having just had a bubble bath, shave, and my clothes are being washed. I've got a comfortable bed for the night and pleasant company as well.

I know some of you think that my trials and tribulations make for more interesting reading, well I hope this string of good fortune has not put you off of my adventures as of yet. Besides, that ferry could always sink...

Onto Day 94...