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New Brunswick
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August 10 - Day 95

Fog again today, not as thick as yesterday. My shirt is still wet, and the tent is wet from the heavy rain during the night (some lightning as well).

The family here was also quite hospitable. Had breakfast here, used my own oatmeal, but she provided me with toast and jam, coffee, brown sugar and creme for the oatmeal. We chatted for a while before finishing my backing and leaving.

At the 50k mark, I ended up in Cannan Forks. This is where I decided to take my first break. It's only another 40k to Salisbury, which is only another 20k to Moncton, and another 20-30k to Parlee Beach after that.

The fog turned to rain again, and it will probably be like this until the weekend. Figures. Still, it's not too bad. If I get to the park, they'll probably have a laundromat or something there. To think that tomorrow, baring incident, I'll be in P.E.I.! The home stretch is in sight. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I just hope it's not a freight train coming my way...

Cannan Forks has a little gas station/convenience store which is classic cottage county. Besides the usual, there is fishing and hunting clothing and equipment, and some articles are so old you'd think they were here since the store began.


It seems to me to be your average big city. Nothing outstanding. I'm about 30k from Parlee Beach, where I plan to stop today, so that's an hour and a half ride probably. I'll probably check out the sights here for an hour before that. It's also a local call to Moncton from there, so I'm hoping to finally email everyone.

Time to explore.

I'm done. It's a nice place and all, but I didn't find anything that makes it stand out. I feel like I'm drifting back to that homogeny I felt through the prairies. But not quite. There is a certain historic feel here that Western Canada does not, and it hasn't quite been drowned out yet by the Gap and its ilk.

Time spent cycling: 6:07:06 hours

Distance traveled: 153.21 km

Total distance: 5622 km

Average Speed: 25.0 kph

Maximum speed: 52.2 kph

Current Location: Backyard in Parlee Beach.

Welcome to the Acadian Coast! The ride from Moncton was quick, along the way I gave directions to a couple pulled over to the side of the highway. Amazing that I was able to give them directions, but they were going in the same direction as I, to Confederation Bridge.

Once I got to Parlee Beach, I for the first time ever, failed to stay at a provincial park camp site. I blame myself, because I was told to ask the manager for help, and she was no help at all. After that they were on the lookout for me, so I wasn't able to sneak in.

So it was backyard time again. Especially here, since there was nothing I could find that was free of houses. As it turns out, once again, this was the right move. The young lady I'm staying with invited me in for dinner, and is going to let me use the phone for an interview. Later tonight, I plan on doing the interview with the husband. Since I haven't spoken to any Acadians yet.

So, this is it for now, another great day. Tomorrow I'll be in P.E.I., searching for Anne of Green Gable's house (as a favor to Gillian and Mel Walker).

The internet failed, again. But it's my own fault. By Charolettetown I should be ready. If not, well, I guess you get the whole thing from St. John's then.

Not only did I have dinner with this young couple (with two loud but adorable baby girls), but they did my laundry, and let me have a shower. Tomorrow they invited me for breakfast. Who am I to refuse?

Mighty Odysseus would have loved to have wandered here on his long journey home to Ithaca, for New Brunswickians, be they Brayonne, Anglophone, or Acadian, truly due believe in the Rules of Hospitality. My hats are off to them all, and I hope to show the same generosity in my own life towards others.

Tomorrow: Onward to P.E.I., where I plan to spend the night near Anne of Green Gable's house (there is a campground nearby).

Onto Day 96...