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Tee Hee... I couldn't resist...look closely...

Aug 17 - Day 102

The Road to Avalon

It ends today.

All my tickets are now pre paid (except for the one back to the ferry), so I'm not concerned for money. I even found I could send my bike back as baggage and save 15 bucks that way. Nice to have some breathing room, seeing as I have only enough to get back and not a penny more (that will hopefully change today). It's foggy as hell out there. I'm certainly not going to see much of Newfoundland if this keeps up. Also, the interview I had last night was nearly drowned out by a live band playing. Perhaps this can lead to a theme for the last story. Foggy, unclear, distanced...

It's 131km to St. John's. I think it's going to be easy, because every K done will be one closer to the end. I can taste it, and it doesn't taste like the lousy ravioli I had for breakfast (but nicely heated by the cafeteria here).

I'm almost afraid to start. I'm starting to think, "Gee, I wish this was another week long"

Yeah, right.

I had this same feeling in Halifax, it's only because it's over that I feel that way. If someone had traveled with me it might be different, but as it stands, I am tired. So very tired. And all I want is to go home.


I've just hit the Trans Canada, the only way into St. John's that won't take me an extra day. It's 80 more klick to go then all I have to worry about is getting home. Well, that and where to sleep.

I stopped at an information center and gas station, and found a tie for second place for best chocolate milk in Canada here in Newfoundland. Dang good stuff! But that will have to be my last luxury for a while.

A quick rest and I'm ready.

25k from St. John's. Taking a break. One last major hill to go, I believe, and I'm home free. I'm sitting on top of a hill, looking over this fantastic landscape. The sun has come out and the sky cleared, it's beautiful. If P.E.I. is like a fairy tale land in its picturesque landscapes, farms, and ocean view, then Newfoundland is like a grittier, more real fairy tale. Something almost Viking about it. Had they managed to stay and colonize, they would have liked it here for sure.

Not much else to say, only to let it soak in.

Time spent cycling: 6:21:49 hours

Distance traveled: 140.54 km

Total distance: 6155 km

Average Speed: 22.0 kph

Maximum speed: 60.9 kph

Current Location: On top of St. John's, so to speak. The Bradbury's backyard.




After having toured around a bit, I nearly broiled to death in my t-shirt! Many men are topless, and I can see why!

My God, the hills in the city are INSANE! Some of them must have grades of (I kid you not) 20 degrees! It took all my strength to negotiate these, and eventually I took to walking. I just can't believe how steep the hills are.

I've called just about everyone, but then there are those I don't have phone numbers for. Hopefully I'll get everyone by the evening.

I'm hoping to stay at a hostel nearby. IF it's not to expensive, and IF I can't find a backyard first. Cheap is cheap, but free is free!

I'm sweltering, and wrote this after taking shelter in Tim Hortons. Sucking back on water for a while in an air conditioned room is regaining my constitution nicely.

Now that I'm done, I still have to kill a couple days here. The bus to Argentia won't leave until Saturday at 5:30am. So it's today and tomorrow I have to worry about.

There is a Viking ship here in the harbor. It's an authentic recreation, and being rowed/sailed from Iceland all the way down to New York. Seeing as my root can be traced back as far as the Vikings, it was interesting to look at this distant relative of sorts. Viaticus Rex, meet The Islendingur. Adventure and travel past and present. Interesting theme...

Scored TWO apple fritters! A lady had ordered Blueberry and got these instead, she complained and got what she wanted, but they couldn't take the fritters back saying she could keep them at no charge, so she says "but I don't like apple, I don't want 'em."

"I'LL TAKE THEM!" I blurt, eager for something different (and free)

And so after explaining my trip, I got them. Yum. Nice when things work out, isn't it?

I found a couple who let me stay in their yard. There just was no other way. This is a capital city after all. It's either this or a hostel, and they cost money. After setting up my tent I went back into town and made more phone calls. Grandma, dad, Wyatt, Jason, Elaine, and even Grandma and Grandpa n England. They were especially thrilled to hear from me, and I thought it was quite appropriate under the circumstances.

Along the way I picked up a groupy. A young, slightly dim guy who hung around me like a puppy for a couple hours, chatting and biking with me. At first I wondered what his angle was, but soon deemed him to be harmless.

It got dark, so I headed back. May rain tonight. Tomorrow I make final phone calls, get a phone to use for the Internet, and make final preparations. Hopefully things will turn out well.


Onto Day 103...