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June 25- Day 49

Rained all night again. Woke up to the end of it and heavy fog. By the time I was ready to leave most of it had burned off, but I didn't leave until much later because of more desperate attempts to reach James. The line was busy, which meant he was there, so I was desperate to wait until he picked up.

I broke for lunch just before leaving Port Elgin. I passed a massive number of cyclists going in the other direction. There is 500 of the in all! I picked up pieces of information in shouted brief comments along the way. It's a roundabout tour from Owen Sound to Southampton to Manitoulin Island, and back. They're taking their time, a week, and have vehicles to carry their gear to the designated camp site. One (on a recumbent) turned around and followed me, when he wasn't able to answer in such a short time the question I asked.

The man's name is Jim, and he rides a long wheel base recumbent with a long windshield on it. He's over fifty and has also crossed Canada on his own. In 59 Days! Needless to say I was impressed. His windscreen is covered with stickers from just about everywhere. The fastest he's gone downhill was at Roger's Pass, over 95kph! We talked shop for a while (I haven't had a chance to really talk about touring with a recumbent rider before). This guy knows how to tour. He basically did it the same way I did, even mostly the same route.

On the outskirts of Port Elgin, I stopped at a Giant Tiger store to get a microwavable bowl for future Macaroni breaks, as well as getting more tuna and some canned stew on sale. Then I walked over to a local fast food shop, and they not only let me nuke my Mac and Cheese there, but gave me a free V8 to wash it down with. Have I mentioned yet that I love it when that happens?

I'm at a little nothing town called Underwood, which is completely closed down on account of it being Sunday. Still get the equivalent of a busy signal when I call James, so I am assuming he is downloading something big off the internet. This would mean that even if I do get through, he probably isn't even there.

The fog finally lifted around two in the afternoon. Which is too bad because while it was around there was very little wind and it was quite cool. Now it's hot, humid, and headwindy. The change in temperature is astounding! Most of the time in the prairies there was a massive cold front hanging over me, which, even on clear days could let me keep my light sweater on without overheating (thus saving on sunscreen). But since I passed the Soo, the cool front lifted, and it's not getting mighty hot. That's why I'm writing this now, I'm ducking out in the shade from the heat. Oh well, time to get back to it, I suppose. Godrich isn't going to come to me, after all.

Time spent cycling: 3:22:03 hours

Distance traveled: 74.58 km

Total distance: 3817 km

Average Speed: 22.1 kph

Maximum speed: 49.9 kph

Current Location: Alfred and Bev's house in Kincardine

HELP! I've been swallowed whole by a friendly pack of Meidows! Got to Kincardine around 3 or 4, and the fog started rolling in. Heavy. But by the time I reached downtown it rolled right out again. I called Mel's parents, and they were quick to invite me over. Next thing you know I'm staying for the night having dinner with them, getting my clothes washed, and being shown around town! I'm out on their deck right now, with little animal sounds all around me, looking at my burnt and tanned hands, and glad to have a chance to relax. Granted I only biked about 70 klicks today, but I'll make up for it tomorrow. I'm really glad to be staying here, though. I think I have a better chance of working my plans for the next week from here tonight.

Still haven't got through to James... hopefully I will tonight. But I have my doubts. I'm still a bit depressed about Wyatt not coming the rest of the way with me... but if he can make it to the Atlantic coast with me, I'll be happy. I think it would be fitting, since my first adventure brought me that far as well.

Had a nice relaxing bath at Chateau de Meidow... they even had matching mini soap and shampoo for guests, which is pretty cool. We ate dinner out on the patio deck. Dinner was sausages, potatoes and sour cream, fried mushroom and onion, garlic bread with sun dried tomatoes... you get the idea. I was in heaven.

Isn't it weird how thing turn out in life? I finally got in touch with James. Problem was he gets so many telemarketing calls that he doesn't answer any calls from numbers he doesn't recognize. Thing is, it turns out the trip to Windsor is out. James is working all week straight, and his partner doesn't allow ride-alongs, so my entire point for visiting James is shot to hell. If I went now, I'd only be able to watch James sleep for twelve hours a day and then leave for work. Not exactly the best way to visit my old friend.

So plans have changed. In twelve days James gets off work for a while, and will be in the Oshawa/Toronto neighborhood. So I plan to be in the area for at least a couple of days after that.

New plan: Change direction and go to Jason and Mel's place in Nobleton, which will take anywhere from one to two days. It looks like I'll be able to participate in whatever Canada Day festivities Wyatt has planned.

To think, if I hadn't decided to drop by Mel's parents, I would never have got through to James (because he wouldn't be accepting the calls), and I never would have found out how James' schedule was totally crap for the next week. I may not get to be on a ride along in an ambulance, but hopefully things will happen in my stay in Toronto that will make up for it.

Onto Day 50-65...