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Wyatt auditions for Calvin Klien

This is Salem Cemetary, too bad you can't tell.

Wyatt takes Viaticus Rex for a while

Summoning a small Fire Elemental

July 13 - Day 67

Looks like we're still on Wyatt time for the moment. It's 9am and Wyatt is slowly (very slowly) getting up. Hopefully he'll be more on my schedule by tomorrow. Biking until it's dark is not my idea of fun. I like to actually enjoy my campsite for a bit.

Had Mac and Cheese (with Tuna) at a donut shop that let us use their microwave. Stopped at a pharmacy to get safety pins, bags, and check my blood pressure. (Systolic Pressure 117, Diastolic Pressure 69, Pulse Rate 84)

Time spent cycling: 6:19:44 hours

Distance traveled: 110.24 km

Total distance: 4179 km

Average Speed: 17.4 kph

Maximum speed: 48.8 kph

Current Location: In a equestrian event area near an indian reserve. Closest town: Napanee

We had a good ride today. If we had left earlier it would have been better. For a while we took a different #2 than the King's Highway, but it hooked up with #2 quickly enough. I saw more places I recognized. A convenience store I bought some chocolate milk from, the place I first popped my tire. The place I went to for help, and the Zellers the guy took me to for a repair kit (which is now closed down). At some point along the way I think we got off #2 again, but we'll be back on it again soon. In fact, I think we happened upon a short cut!

Towards the end of the day, Wyatt traded bikes with me. His wrists and butt were hurting, and I was happy to accommodate him. It was not only strange to see him on my bike, and to be on a bike like I used to use, but to watch people's reactions in the third person instead of first was unique to me as well.

The place we stopped at is a kind of equestrian arena. It was off to the side of a town near an indian reserve (two other potential spots we passed on, mostly because Wyatt wanted to ride a little longer) and we figured there would be nobody coming in here tonight.

We set up a campfire and cooked cheese filled hotdogs while listening to the rest of The Invisible Man. Wyatt liked it a lot and wants to get more audio books during the journey. Who am I to argue?

I feel so distant from the trip I started 67 days ago. It's no longer the same journey. I'm having flashbacks to the past, and at the same time it's like a new trip altogether. It's the past and the future in a way.

It's also just me hanging out with my kid brother.

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