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Wyatt's magical skills increase

July 14 - Day 68

Correction for yesterday. While we were in Tyendinaga territory yesterday, we were not in Tyendinaga. We were in a small place called Shannonville.

After stopping at a house for water (there were no stores to be found anywhere) we found a shortcut to Napanee, and saved several klicks off our travel. We stopped in Napanee for breakfast (McDonnalds Big Breakfast if you can believe it) and at Canadian Tire to get Wyatt a real tent and handlebar extensions (his mosquito netting idea wasn't panning out too well, and I talked him into it). Also got an Iced Cappuccino at Tim Hortons... I can see why he likes them so much... Mmmmm.

Time spent cycling: 6:19:44 hours

Distance traveled: 114.24 km

Total distance: 4293 km

Average Speed: 17.4 kph

Maximum speed: 58.0 kph

Current Location: Gravel pit, just outside of Seeley's Bay on Highway 15

At a town called Odessa, we stopped for a rest. There was a river there, and Wyatt went for a refreshing dip. The river was quite muddy and rocky on the bottom, which cut it short. I only went in up to my knees, but it was relaxing.

Kingston was another stop in which we had to gear up. In the previous miles I found out why my sidewall popped years ago back in Michigan. It was the brake pad! Already my new rear tire is near its end as a result, even though I've fixed the problem. So I had to buy a new one just in case. We also bought corn on the cob and more cheese filled sausages. But for lunch, we just made another mac and cheese in a donut shop.

After Kingston we worked our way north on Highway 15. Not a great highway. Funny that #2 is considered a backroad and is in way better conditions than this "primary" highway. And the traffic is ten times worse. Now we're encountering the big rigs again. Too bad there isn't a backroad to Ottawa like there was to Kingston.

We thought we found a perfect place to stay at Seeley's Bay (which has the best chocolate milk I've tasted yet) but there was nowhere to park. So a few klicks later and the sun setting, we settled for a gravel pit with a good supply of dead wood to burn.

The mosquitos are worse than ever and the Muskol isn't doing the trick. Wyatt's new tent isn't quite big enough, but it'll probably do. We made a fire at twilight and roasted the corn. Tastiest thing yet! The sausages were great yet, which we ate while listening to the audio book we got in Kingston. Rising Sun by Michael Chriton. It was only 9 bucks, so what the heck? But the mosquitos wouldn't leave us alone. Even in my tent now, after midnight, they pester me! Buzzing around the outside looking for a way in. Oh well. Ottawa is only 125k away, we should make it by tomorrow night, and then have another real bed (or floor) to sleep on.

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