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Mossfoot encounters the local wildlife

June 22- Day 46

I didn't want to leave. I wanted another night here. But the weather window is too small for me to risk it. I should be alright. Tinkered with my bike a bit. Hope everything runs smoothly.

Time spent cycling: 7:07:10

Distance traveled: 178.33km

Total distance: 3471 km

Average Speed: 25.0 kph

Maximum speed: 51.7 kph

Current Location: Another roadside park that doesn't allow camping. just past Serpent River.

I gained a friend and l lost a friend today. First off, I should get the rest of the stuff out of the way first.

Before leaving the Soo entirely, I stocked up on groceries. I've got enough to last me quite a while if need be. I stopped to rest at Bruce Mines and met a couple of kids who insisted they be part of my book. I recorded their names on my tape recorder. I think rather than including them as part of the travel stories, I'll use their names in the SF story for Ontario. I didn't say HOW I'd include their names, now did I? I also talked to an OPP officer about my trip a bit.

After that, I ran into nearly 30k of construction. 20k of which was on partially stripped concrete roads, and at least 10k of which there was only dirt and gravel! That was rough!

The construction ended at my next stop was at Iron Bridge, where I saw one of those old Red and White grocery stores. Talked to a few people at a gas station, but nothing special. They told me, however, there would be more construction between Spanish and Espanola.

Outside of Blind River, however, I noticed a bike by a restaurant, geared up for the long haul.

Steve is, I believe, Irish. He's doing the country solo, like myself. He actually left a week before me, I think. We talked shop for a while, then I went on ahead. He said he was taking it easy today and didn't want to slow me down.

When I got to Blind River, however, I changed my mind. I waited for him to show up and offered we join forces. He was going to Sudbury, however, so we could only travel together as far as Espanola. Our alliance did not last that long, however. We rode well together, but I found that he preferred to stay in motels and would probably do so tonight. After passing Serpent River, and having had done more what I planned to do of cycling, I also got the impression I was getting in his way (since then I've come to doubt this opinion, but I did believe it at the time), so when I found this park by a river, I figured we should part ways. It would have happened eventually anyways, since I wasn't going to spend a third night in a motel type place!

I think I'll make it to South Baymouth by tomorrow night, but won't be able to catch the ferry until the day after. However, I think there will be headwinds tomorrow, unlike today which gave some good tailwinds, so I'll probably fall short. Nevertheless, on Saturday I'll be on the ferry.

I think I've got the perfect ending for my book! I have it on tape, and I don't want to give it away to anyone, but I think it'll work!

The tent appears to be holding up. However, there is undue stress on a couple of points, which worries me in the long run. I'll have to see about replacing the poles properly in Toronto.

Today was a great day weather wise. It started off overcast and drizzly, but by the afternoon it was gorgeous! I only wish it would last!

The journal is now 51,000 words! Yikes!

Onto Day 47...