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Prince Edward Island
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August 11 - Day 96

After a simple breakfast, I was P.E.I. bound. First I gave the lady who initially let me stay a ride on the bike, and said goodbye to Gabrielle, the elder daughter (2 years old), as well as my usual thanks.

The ride to the bridge wasn't as quick as I had hoped. Eventually I saw the bridge spanning the horizon, almost too far to see. When I finally got there luck favored me once more. The shuttle across costs nothing, and it is usually at least an hour or two between shuttles. However, I happened along at the exact right moment, and made it across well before noon.

The shuttle drops you off in what looks like a tourist Mecca. This little artificial town reminds me of the downtown of Canada's Wonderland, and is geared to fill all the tourists needs (including alcohol). I got the information I needed here, rested, and pressed on.

Time spent cycling: 5:53:50 hours

Distance traveled: 124.77 km

Total distance: 5747 km

Average Speed: 21.1 kph

Maximum speed: 74.6 kph

Current Location: P.E.I. National Park, near Green Gables

I have conquered the Coastal Mountains, been victorious over the Rockies, and did battle with the Appellations, but never have I been so soar than after a day of struggle with Prince Edward Island!

My God, remember what I said about Portland (Maine) and Old Quebec City being all uphill? This applies to the entire Province! Hill after leg busting hill, all so I could get some stupid sand and a photo of an island on the North coast. The incredible downhill speeds attained were not worth the painful uphill struggle to follow. I could have made it past Charolettetown instead. If I had known the difficulty involved, I would never have gone to Green Gables. I feel so sorry for the poor horses that had to carry carriages of people over them for centuries!

When Wyatt and I saw South Park (Bigger, Longer, and Uncut), he commented about how it was too bad in a way that the creators didn't know anything about Canada, since they basically make up all their stereotypes for it. Inadvertently, I think they might have hit the mark on one thing, however. There is a joke that Canada's economy is completely founded on a show called Terrance and Phillip, and that without it, the Canadian economy would be in ruin...

I firmly believe that P.E.I.'s economy is dependant on Anne of Green Gables, and that without it, their economy would collapse. You just cannot escape her! There is a monument to her in the tourist center I mentioned earlier. And up here in Cavendish, right beside Green Gables, it's expanded into a complete tourist city. Besides the numerous historic and Anne-related buildings, there is amusement parks, a Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum, kiddy parks, a kind of house of the macabre, and many many others.

I stopped at the nearby provincial park (which is actually a few kilometers past the city unfortunately, since it will make travel to it difficult) After a few unsuccessful attempts (no New Brunswickians here, but paranoid city bred tourists) I finally found a place for the night with a family from Ontario.

My legs are KILLING me! I need another day's rest, not only to recuperate, but to do some interviews, and see the sites here. If they won't let me, I'm sure I'll find some place that will.

I'll tell you one thing, the dirt here really IS red! Almost blood red when it's in muddier form. Very unusual, I've never seen anything quite like it (though in New Brunswick there was some, but not really on a comparable scale).

Tomorrow my newspaper article comes out! Yippee!!!

Onto Day 97...